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Nationwide Credit Card Processing
by National Bank Services

National Bank Services (NBS) is a payment services provider with headquarters in the Golden State. Long known for high technology, California also hosts a number of companies specializing in secure financial transactions. NBS stands front and center in their ranks, expertly handling ATM, credit and debit card processing for business of all sizes. We have a well-earned reputation for accuracy, security and reliability in managing merchant accounts for thousands of retailers and other firms in all 50 states. NBS has been growing at a rapid clip and expects to serve many more customers over the next decade.

Our Story

National Bank Services is proud to offer intensely competitive rates for payment processing services, including highly affordable equipment leases for terminals that accept swiped credit cards and keyed-in transactions. We focus primarily on merchant accounts for processing traditional “card-present” transactions, as well as the “card-not-present” transactions that account for a significant percentage of customer purchases.

Our cash-advance services are popular with qualified merchants in need of temporary cash-flow smoothing. We operate one of the most professional chargeback and fraud departments in the industry, ensuring around-the-clock protection for our customers against unqualified transactions. Our comprehensive services cover retail storefronts, home-based businesses, mail-order outfits and Internet concerns. This broad competency is the result of a continuous, well-financed effort to master all aspects of payment processing. Few of our competitors have come close to this level of achievement.

Our Philosophy

National Bank Services is dedicated to providing superior financial products while keeping costs as low as possible. We understand the subtleties of the complex industry of processing credit cards, which means we can operate very efficiently. We understand that courteous and professional services from the foundation for sustained, long-term growth. Solid business practices ensure stability and reliability for all of our customers. We love this industry, and we are in it for the long haul. Our customers are our first priority. We are keenly aware that it is far more difficult to gain a new customer than it is to keep an old customer. We will work hard to earn your continuing loyalty. Your success is our success. We care about you, and we will never let you down.

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