Accept all major credit cards on your Smartphone or tablet anywhere, at any time with our mobile processing solution. Whether you want to accept your customer’s credit card at their location or you want to be able to process transactions on the road or out in the field, our solution will enable you to accept credit cards in a cost effective manner that you can count on.
Take payments on the go with our G4X Swipe and mobile app powered by ROAM.
  • Easy set up and auto device detection so you can start processing right away.
  • Compatible with over 100 mobile devices that run on iOS and Android.
  • Over 2 million devices sold worldwide.
  • PCI compliant security of cardholder data upon swipe.
  • Manage your inventory on your mobile app.
  • Online and offline processing so you'll still get paid even if a wireless connection if lost.
  • Support for cash and card transactions, voids, refunds, sales tax, tips, and receipts.
  • Keep track of devices and transactions reports.
Merchant Smartphone Solutions

One of the Fastest, Most Cost-Effective Ways to Process Transactions

The lightweight swiper simply plugs into your devices’ standard headphone jack and, when used in conjunction with the ROAMpay 4X app, becomes an easy and effective way to quickly grow your business.

Whether your device is Apple, Android or BlackBerry, our solutions can work for you because we’ve gone to great lengths to provide support for both the Swipe and App on the widest range of mobile devices and networks.

A Feature-Rich, Easy-to-Use Mobile App and Interface

Our mobile solution features a totally new user interface built from the ground up, that allows you to process credit and cash sales, voids, refunds and even process offline. You can also apply sales tax, tipping and signature capture to any transaction. Set them once in your settings menu and our app will take care of the rest!


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