Merchant Account Services

National Bank Services strives to provide merchant account services that increase sales and loyal customers for your business. To grow your business, choose from a variety of services we offer including credit and debit card processing, Business Cash Advance for qualified merchants, and Premium Customer Care. We provide tools, support and assistance for any sized business. Contact us for more information and to start growing your business today.

All Major Credit Card Processing

PIN-Based Debit Cards

Accepting all of the major credit card brands is essential to maximizing your sales, improving customer satisfaction and increasing profits. NBS is an industry leader in providing reliable, low cost credit card processing to merchants of all types and sizes. National Bank Services is proud to offer intensely competitive rates for payment processing services, including highly affordable equipment leases for terminals that accept swiped credit cards and keyed-in transactions. We also offer mobile solutions, point of sale systems and online payment gateways so you can accept credit cards in multiple methods and increase your bottom line.
PIN-Based Debit Cards provide customers with two choices when paying for products from your business. They may use their Debit card with your pin pad or allow you to process the payment as a credit card transaction. By offering both options for customers, you enhance your customer service and earn more revenue. Added to your merchant services, debit card purchases require no signature, typically cost less to process than credit cards, carry low risk of chargeback and meet consumer needs for convenience and credit card debt reduction.

Manual Imprinters

National Bank Services (NBS) is a payment services provider with headquarters in the Golden State. Long known for high technology, California also hosts a number of companies specializing in secure financial transactions. NBS stands front and center in their ranks, expertly handling ATM, credit and debit card processing for businesses of all sizes. We have a well-earned reputation for accuracy, security and reliability in managing merchant accounts for thousands of retailers and other firms in all 50 states. NBS has been growing at a rapid clip and expects to serve many more customers over the next decade.

E-Commerce Online Gateway

E-Commerce Online Gateway offers a solution for your business’s online retail store. User friendly, this simple program accesses SSL security to protect every transaction. E-Commerce encourages impulse buying online, allows customers to pay for products, download e-Books, video and materials, and processes recurring monthly payments from a customer’s credit card or checking account. By transferring money from a customer’s checking account into your bank account, E-Commerce accepts ACH or electronic checks and eliminates the need to process a paper check. Within five seconds, E-Commerce authorizes every transaction and emails customer’s orders to merchants. Create the same look and feel on your merchant processing site as you have on your website, and convert your website into a store without adding a clerk to process payments, stock shelves or answer customer questions. Attract customers from around the globe with E-Commerce capabilities.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards offer consumers a safe way to pay for services and products. With our reloadable cards, you increase your cash flow. You sell a gift card to the customer and immediately receive cash. They return later to redeem the card and may return multiple times to use the balance. Gift cards attract new customers and potentially create a greater customer base for your business. Customize your gift card design or choose from numerous templates. Obtain a free starter package, and start earning new customers today.prehensive services cover retail storefronts, home-based businesses, mail-order outfits and Internet concerns.

Business Cash Advances

Business Cash Advances supply you with capital to grow your business. Use a cash advance to purchase inventory, advertise your business, train customer service agents, or offer more services. If your business has operated for more than one year ago and has processed credit cards for four months or more, you may qualify for cash. Be funded in less than two weeks, and pay no upfront costs. Call National Bank Services today at 1-800-353-6686 for more information on obtaining a merchant cash advance..
As a business growth strategy, National Bank Services provides personalized and specialized merchant services. Increase your business by accepting Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Debit cards. Provide secure payments online for web-based customers. Offer convenience with Check By Phone, and increase sales and your customer base with Gift Card services. Provide new and existing customers with payment options that fit their lifestyle and increase your sales.


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