Whether you own a quick service restaurant, fine dining establishment or a gourmet food truck, you need a point of sale solution that can take the volume of credit and debit cards you process. NBS offers an affordable, tablet POS solution that processes transactions quickly, easily and accurately during your peak hours.

With our POS system, you can:

  • Look up customer information quickly to personalize their ordering experience
  • Schedule pick-ups and view daily sales information from your iPhone
  • Identify sales trends, patterns and what items keep the customers coming
  • Easily export financial data to QuickBooks to save time & improve the accuracy of data
  • Track your entire inventory by manufacturer or product category
  • View daily, weekly or monthly financial summaries
  • View real-time sales data, inventory and other metrics at a glance
Contact an NBS merchant specialist to get set up with a POS system that will increase your order volume, streamline your customers’ experience and produce more revenue. Click below for a free quote!


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